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You cannot afford to not know ESG risks with your suppliers and investments.

Traditionally, quantitative ESG reports were the only source of this information. However, they lag behind in time and do often not tell the full picture.

More recently, social media monitoring helps you listen to chit, chat and buzz. It’s real-time, but it is also a noisy and unreliable source.

But there is still a vast, largely untapped treasure of information out there, more real-time than financial reports and more reliable than social media:

It‘s the news. Journals and articles, carefully compiled and checked by journalists, thought leaders and subject matter experts.

Finding and reading these sources manually is like trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon.

Enter Glanos It sorts, filters and condenses this information treasure.

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Insights through AI automatically ingests thousands of news sources 24/7 and determines relevancy using novel NLP technologies. Ecological, social and governance related company events are extracted and condensed into a reporting dashboard.

AI adds a powerful layer of intelligence allowing to filter, select and prioritize according to pre-defined signals. You get a relevant feed from day 1, without painfully hand-crafted search terms.

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Collaborate and Manage

An innovative dashboard lets users inspect, review and collaborate so that more research work can be done in a shorter period of time. Users can prepare management summaries, reports and collections of important insights – and share it with the team.

Modern, industry-proven communication approaches are used for an optimal collaboration and less friction.

% less research time
News and information for a specific company or specific watchlist are presented faster and more condensed. Combined with intelligent automation this speeds up processes and lets you evaluate more relevant data in less time.
% faster reaction time
Get information and comprehensive facts for all relevant targets within hours, not weeks. A complete overview lets your team disseminate genuine news from secondary coverage.
% more team satisfaction
Use modern communication approaches to avoid lost emails, Excels in multiple versions or lost or unclear working-states. This focused processing increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

Search, filter & track

all ESG company-signals

Climate Change & Sustainability
Companies wasting fossil fuels vs implementing green technology for a sustainable use of all natural resources.
Pollution, Waste & Protection of Nature
Efforts on air&water pollution, waste production and protection of land, fauna and flora
Ecological Compliance
Compliance to ecological guidelines & standards, ecological justice and Green Finance
Human Capital
Workplace policies such as compensation, development, health and safety of companies' greatest assets.
Product Liability
Ensuring product safety & health, responding to consumer preferences.
Corporate Social Responsibility
E.g. Investments in communities or charity.
Corporate Goverance
Standards which companies pledge to enforce and how they perform
Financials Governance
Adhering to true financial reporting, solid accounting and firm auditing principles.
And many more...
Many more ESG-related events are tracked. Moreover we also offer customizations to track your specific needs.

What makes Glanos


Our AI beats humans
Text comprehension like a human analyst, but with more stamina.
Worldwide information summarized and aggregated according to your individual business needs.
Tailor-made and focused
Only show insights that truly have an impact on your business.
Real-Time knowledge
24/7 feed of analyzed data instead of static press kits.
Process a magnitude more news source using our AI.
Transparent and Traceable
Results can be traced back every single step and are consistent. No bias from personal interests and beliefs.

Get ready for next generation ESG monitoring.
Reduce effort and multiply coverage

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